Elmer & Jack is the logic collaboration of child book colorful elephant and an old wise cowboy from a Spaghetti western

"I always try to steer away from trouble, while you seem to be looking for it all the time. But I must admit, you've been able to solve your share, even if you like others to take the credit. This way, you can remain a "nobody." You got it all nicely figured out." Jack Beauregard from "My Name is Nobody"

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If the story of Elmer & Jack is recent, his main protagonist, David Malacrida, works as photographer, filmaker and writer for since 2009. He use to work as freelance but also as editor for for 6 years and 3 years for the french event company Like That. 

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As we have to take care of mother nature while we know all the bad impact we have on her.

Elmer & Jack reduce travelling, compensate traveling carbon impact and give 1% of his money to 1% for the Planet